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About us

About the Lab: Exo Design Lab is located in Toronto. We craft superior prosthesis covers for above and below knee amputees. 

Our Story:
Owner, Alexander Toufexis R.Kin., is a registered Kinesiologist who has always had a passion for design and manufacturing. In 2017, he enrolled in the Prosthetic and Orthotics program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre via George Brown College.

While learning to fabricate sockets, shape foam covers, and align leg componentry he realized that he could use the skills he gained to make the fabrication process more efficient for clinics and create a better and more aesthetic product for prosthetic leg users.

After 2 years of research and development, Alexander was able to open the Lab in August 2020 and the covers he produced immediately made a positive impact on those that wore them. Finding immediate success, Exo Design Lab is now a bustling group of designers, engineers, and artists


Our Inspiration:

When designing our covers, we wanted them to serve a variety of integral purposes:

Shape - either on their own or worn under pants, our covers offer a natural leg shape that looks and feels incredible.

Protection - our covers protect internal components of your leg(s) from damage/weather affects. They also protect your clothes from wear-and-tear by moving leg components.

Expression - with a large (and growing) library of designs and colours, we want our clients to be able to fully express themselves through design and colours cover.